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 Wyrmenhiem Lore and Geography

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PostSubject: Wyrmenhiem Lore and Geography   Wyrmenhiem Lore and Geography EmptySat Mar 14, 2015 4:01 pm

Wyrmenhiem is the youngest country in all of Hetona. It was founded after a rebellion in which the high emperor banished anyone involved in it to the wasteland that is Wyrmenhiem. Many of the exiles flocked towards the south of Wyrmenhiem. However, there were many who still held hatred towards the empire.  They traveled through the heart of the country, those lacking strength perishing from either the cold or the monster attacks.  They settled by the northwest coastline. However, some stayed at the center of the country. Out of the ten people who stayed only four survived. They reemerged true warriors and some were respected as legends. Those four later contributed to the four major cities of Wyrmenhiem.

The first city was founded by Rinka, the only woman of the four and by far the fiercest in combat.  She was hunting a pack of nearby monsters when she stumbled upon a researcher from Bosmotos. He was surrounded by a group of weak monsters. She saved him, fed him, and then escorted him to his country. They encountered everything from Giants to packs of wolves, slaying them all without suffering a single wound.  Touched by her kindness he promised to return the favor.  Years later he ran into her again, this time with a group of guards. They had been wandering the land searching for her.  It turned out that the research he was doing in Wyrmenhiem all those years ago was a massive breakthrough. Claiming that he couldn't have done it without her help he said he’d build a city wherever she wanted. She demanded it be built off the south coast. He took her request and in seven years’ time it was built. Anyone is welcome in this city whether they’re weak or strong, young or old. As a result the people of Wyrmenhiem changed.  They help all foreigners who come in exchange for new equipment.  Some even claim she was a goddess.

The second city was founded by Quintik. He was known for his frightening blood lust. When the four emerged he was the only one who was covered in armor comprised purely of bone.  For every person and beast he killed he kept a bone.  Throughout his life he took the lives of many thing, most of them mages. He despised any form of magic or trickery.  Many joined him, cutting down anything unfortunate enough to be caught in their path. After catching word of the first city being built he attempted to siege and claim it. He was no match for Rinka and was nearly slain by her.  She spared his life saying that his life belonged to her now.  Bound to her, only by his honor, he and his followers built a city not far from the border between Wyrmenhiem and Fedonia. Just after being built he passed away. Though seen as a savage by other nations the people of Wyrmenhiem saw him as a respected warrior. Those who accompanied him on his journeys taught others how to fight like he did. Any citizen will say that he was the greatest warrior to grace their lands. His hatred towards mages and trickery are still present in the hearts of the people along with their deep sense of honor.

The third city was made to honor Uundvenk. Only known for his strength, Uundvenk confined himself to a life of asceticism after emerging from the center.  He lived on the Northwest coast for many years, keeping only his sword, his clothes, and a fishing rod with him. He had crossed paths with both Rinka and Quintik five times. The first was in the center. The second when Quintik and Rinka were traveling looking for places to build new cities. The two warriors were cornered by abnormally strong beasts. Uundvenk drew his sword for the first time since he had emerged from the center and slew them all in one blow at the cost of his sword.  The third they returned to him with a sword that only he could wield.  The fourth Rinka and Quintik learned that strange invaders from a different land were coming to conquer their lands. They rushed to the coast only to find Uundvenk attempting to fish.  Five ships lined the shore with over five hundred men and one hundred horses slice in half. They went to congratulate him noticing that he had lost his left arm. They thanked him dearly for defending the country and asked what he would want to receive as payment. He refused wanting to be left in peace. The fifth time was just before his death.  A boy that he had found and took care of sent word to Rinka and Quintik. Uundvenk was sick and wanted to see them before he passed. They came and he told them to take care of the boy. “I’ve taught everything I know to this child. Take care of him and I’ll be forever in your debt.” These were the last words he spoke. They took the boy and Uundvenk’s sword with them. Later they built the capital of Wyrmenhiem on the very coast he had lived.  Once the city was built they held his funeral there.  For the first and last time all of Wyrmenhiem grieved over the loss of a life. The people would now die for their homeland for as long as Wyrmenhiem stood. The boy grew to be a great warrior with the strength to rival that of Uundvenk. He was able to use the very sword Uundvenk used and also had a single pupil. This would later become a tradition.

The fourth city was founded by Pinna. Pinna was known as the “human pin cushion” because of his inability to physically feel.  He was the one who led the rebellion against the emperor.  He was also the first person to be branded by Rinka. This brand was put on his right hand. Anyone who would kill him and bring his body back to Rinka would receive a reward which would allow them to live comfortably in Fedonia. Many bounty hunters and people from Wyrmenhiem hunted him down. They all failed and he had built his own city with what he gathered and sold from the bodies of those that came after him. He built it in the Northeast corner of Wyrmenhiem, employing the dwarves promising a payment that he, in the end, didn't pay a fifth of.  Since then Frundonmire and Wyrmenhiem have been less than friendly with each other.  He was the only one who lived in the city before died on his throne.  He is seen as a symbol of despair. It’s this despair that haunts those who receive the brand. His city currently used as a place to house the diseased.

The center of Wyrmhiem is plagued by a constant blizzard. All of the beasts from the center are extremely dangerous. Few have seen them let alone slain one.  It’s seen as a rite of passage for anyone who wishes to lead the people of Wyrmhiem. It’s because of this that there have been no leaders since the passing of Rinka.
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Wyrmenhiem Lore and Geography
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