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 Fedonia Lore and Geography

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Fedonia Lore and Geography Empty
PostSubject: Fedonia Lore and Geography   Fedonia Lore and Geography EmptySun Mar 15, 2015 12:31 am

Fedonia has a mild climate and, in terms of temperature, is always in a state of spring. Usually the sun shines on the many hills, streams, and forests that can be found throughout the country. The largest forest can be found near the border of Frundonmire. There are also two rivers that run through the continent before meeting up and forming an even larger river. During the wet season these rivers flood nearby areas, thus many towns avoid settling around said rivers. After the wet season the soil of Fedonia becomes very fertile and causes bountiful harvests. 

There is a single city, known as Zaphis, that is placed over the three rivers. While still allowing the River to flow freely Zaphis reaches for the skies. The multilayered city remains relevant while still keeping its old nature in tact. The lowest, and largest, layer of the city is primarily used to house the infrastructure of Zaphis. Everything from sewage to power is housed here. The layer above is where the workers are housed. Anyone who has a job in Zaphis lives here. This allows them to have relatively easy access the layers where they all do their part. They don't work themselves to the bone but are quite sloppy making it a hassle to keep this lair clean. The third layer is known as the shopping district. Most of the shops are housed here along with the schools and other miscellaneous buildings. The next layer is the noble quarter. This is where the nobles and their servants live. The nobles often look down upon the lower lairs and servants (posh assholes). This layer is one of the most beautiful out of all of Zaphis. There are artificial lakes and waterfalls with live fish in them. The top layer is the palace layer. This is where the Emperor, knights, and trusted servants live. Few get passed the palace gates and even fewer get to the throne room.

There have been many battles that have happened in Fedonia. Many of the early conflicts lasted years namely the conflict between Fedonia and Rik' Matuli when they were trying to seize it for their own. The War between the empire and the guilds. Later in the country's history there was a large uprising. The empire didn't pay attention to it seeing it as a cry for attention...that is until multiple nobles were murdered and the rebels were at the castle gates. The empire sprung into the action sparing some of their lives and exiling them to Wyrmenhiem.
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Fedonia Lore and Geography
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