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 Rik' Matuli Lore and Geography

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Rik' Matuli Lore and Geography Empty
PostSubject: Rik' Matuli Lore and Geography   Rik' Matuli Lore and Geography EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 8:08 pm

Little is known about the Fae, and most of the information is gathered from the Fae that have traveled from the island of Rik' Matuli. The Fae follow a basic structure of hierarchy with a branch of royalty at the top. Below the royal heading, everybody is considered equal. The Fae don't have the ability to reproduce as much as Humans or Dwarves, and so, at most, there are only about seven children per city. Not much is known about their architecture as they have no known coastal cities, but there are rumors that they have built in the forest and under the ground, and many trees on the outside of the forest look to have been carved into. Some areas seem to be connected by wooden bridges, but it's often said that what is being seen is just a shimmer of magic.

No matter the Fae, none of them deny their ties to magic. They flaunt it constantly, and the only ones who don't wield magic often, as a Fae, are the exiles.
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Rik' Matuli Lore and Geography
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