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 Basmotos Lore and Geography

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PostSubject: Basmotos Lore and Geography   Basmotos Lore and Geography EmptySat Mar 14, 2015 11:23 pm

Julian Basmo is recognized as the first leader of Basmotos. However, some of his actions make it hard for him to be recognized as a good man. He started out as the leader of a large group originating from Fedonia known as the Charter Company, of which was employed by the first emperor, Fedda Aulisse, to explore the parts of Hetona that had yet to be explored. Julian Basmo departed from newly-founded Zaphis and first headed southwest into modern-day Basmotos. He and his men explored and mapped this land, and they all took a liking to it.

Basmotos is a temperate area filled with deciduous forests, tall hills, and endless grassland. Its most southern end is a rain-forest filled with many tropical species. At this point, however, Julian Basmo had no intent of making this place his legacy.

By the time Basmotos (nameless, at this point) was finished being mapped, another group known as Charter Company II was launched to the northwest. Wasting no time, Basmo led his men into cold, rocky plains of northeastern Hetona: modern-day Frundonmir. As they pressed farther north, they discovered the existence of the Dwarves (the Frun). They had already lived on Hetona for two thousand years before the humans had arrived and staked their claim. Basmo examined their technologically-advanced devices, inventions, and architecture with great curiosity and praise. He noticed that the knowledge and workpower of the Dwarves could be a useful piece in the advancement of humankind.

So, he took action.

He collapsed the Dwarven city and enslaved the Dwarven population. With this action, he introduced humankind to many things that were once unimaginable. Dwarven devices and inventions were introduced to human cities and the human race prospered in ways they never did before. Fedda Aulisse, impressed by the accomplishment of Basmo, gave him the land of Basmotos (named in his honor). Basmo led a large portion of Dwarven slaves to Basmotos and set them to work on constructing a large, above-ground city that resembled the underground cities of Frundomir. After a couple years, it was completed and named Scenka. It became (and remains) the center-point of all Basmotosian activity. At this same time, Basmo oversaw the reconstruction of the main Dwarven city in Frundonmir. He stationed men in both provinces and took up lordship in Scenka until his death.

Julian's son, Brude Basmo, then took over for his father. The first thing he did as leader was free the Dwarven slaves in Basmotos and then pled to Peldan Aulisse, the second emperor, to abolish Dwarven slavery. His plea was heard and the Dwarves were set free. Brude is regarded as one of (if not, the) greatest of the Basmo bloodline. After ending slavery, he took a look towards his people and saw that they were (and had been) experimenting with Dwarven technology and building great, new things from it. He built many smaller cities to house these inventors, and thus began the legacy of Basmotos: the land of technology and builders.

Today, Basmotos is very technologically advanced and a point of education in Hetona. The other provinces can thank Scenka, smaller cities (Ebdian, Luliras, etc.), and Dwarven ideas for the majority of useful devices they use today.
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Basmotos Lore and Geography
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