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 Frundonmir Lore and Geography

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PostSubject: Frundonmir Lore and Geography   Frundonmir Lore and Geography EmptySat Mar 14, 2015 8:25 pm

Frundonmir is a snowy, rocky plain that served as the origin of the human-like race known as the Dwarves. The wind is often very harsh due to the area's flat appearance.

The Dwarves, sometimes called by their ancient name "The Frun," are very similar to humans but noticeably shorter and broader in stature. Facially, Dwarves tend to have wide noses and foreheads paired with a set of full lips. Full-bloods inherit thick white hair that also appears heavily on the face of males.

In ancient times, the Dwarves decided to retreat underground in order to escape the harsh conditions of their environment. They built immense underground networks that made transportation easy and the temperature more bearable. They utilized torches for light and rarely saw the light of day, hence why full-blooded Dwarves have albino features. It is rumored that the Dwarves size can also be attributed to their living conditions.

In most ways, the Dwarves were much more advanced than the other races on Hetona. While underground, they often had to find efficient ways to meet the wants and needs of the population. This required a lot of experimenting which eventually led to things such as elevators, rail-cars, and running water. Their mining also allowed them to discover many valuable ores that enabled them to create greater-quality weapons, which would aid them when they eventually met the humans. Their only downfall was their lack of magical ability/influence/teachings, which would lead to the destruction of the Fruns and the creation of the Dwarves.

The first Dwarf-Human encounter offered promise of alliance. There was no hostility and the humans showed nothing but great interest in the Dwarves' accomplishments. Yet, the situation wasn't exactly what it seemed. Julian Basmo, the leader  of that group of humans (who were the ancestors of Basmotosi), had ill intentions that he hid well. One day,  he ordered his men to steal the network from the Dwarves and enslave them. The advanced warrior skills of the Dwarves managed to repel the human soldiers for a while. That was until, of course, Basmo ordered his highly skilled Earth Mages to make the network collapse from the back to the front, forcing the Dwarves out. In the process of the collapse, the King of the Fruns (a dwarf by the name of Idt Astir) was killed and the entirety of the remaining Dwarven population was taken in as slaves.

Within a couple years, the Dwarven slaves (with the help of newly discovered Earth magic and mages skilled in the craft) managed to rebuild their city and make many improvements. With the introduction of magic, lasting heat and light sources were made. This city still exists today and bustles with activity. It is called Frunboki, which means "Dwarf Remains." Within a couple decades, they had built multiple underground cities to house Dwarf and human alike.

During this time, the humans learned the Dwarves' ways and began to build in similar fashions elsewhere, building better technology out of their ideas. Basmo also perished during this time, and upon being replaced by his sympathetic son, the Dwarven population was freed from slavery. Dwarves scattered all across Hetona, though the majority still remains in Frundonmir to this day.

Today, Dwarves are often not full-blooded and have more human features (such as peach-colored/brown skin and dark hair/eyes) due to inter-species relationships. Full-blooded Dwarves are treated with a little more respect from humans than "half-bloods" due to their ancestors' history in slavery.

They can be found in concentration in Basmotos and Frundonmir, remaining a clever, inventive, and eccentric race.

Though the personality of a Dwarf varies by location, they all tend to have one common trait: they do not like getting bossed around. For that reason, it is advised to be careful in the situation of giving orders to a Dwarf.

Unlike in the past, Dwarves not only carry a great skill in melee combat but also show exceptional potential in magic. Thus, they make great allies.
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Frundonmir Lore and Geography
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