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 Nueven Lore and Geography

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Nueven Lore and Geography  Empty
PostSubject: Nueven Lore and Geography    Nueven Lore and Geography  EmptySat Mar 14, 2015 7:35 pm

Nueven is the southernmost country in Hetona.  After crossing the border from Fedonia to Nueven you have at most an hour of walking before meeting the mouth of the desert.  Nueven is often referred to as the plains of sand. Many have been swallowed alive by the massive dunes of sand and lives have been lost trying to cross the dry salt flats. This is no country for the ill prepared.

There are many oases that offer help to those traversing the harsh terrain. Most of the oases are small. However there are two gargantuan oases that can be found on either side of the country. Both allow life to prosper near it. The people are able to farm both crops and livestock thanks to them. It’s because of this that the only two existing cities are found around both of these oases. The desert itself will swallow anything. This is especially true in the two massive "death zones" near they southern region of the country. Many venture in to gather the rare materials inside but few return. The southern most death zone has a spire in the middle of it. Some say that a legendary beast uses it as it's home.

The first city was founded in the southwest corner of the country. While being the capital of the country it’s also well known as the trading capital of the continent. Anything worth being sold or bought can be found here. Along with the many bizarre' that can be found throughout the city there are many homes and farms within the oases influence. Near the center of the city there is a coliseum that warriors from around the world flock to in order to test their mettle. The city and its owners are extremely wealthy. However, wealth is a double edged sword. Anywhere there is money there will be thievery. If targeted by a thief  they will follow you anywhere. This is due to the fact that the major thief guild pays all the guards to keep them quiet about any missing coin.

The second city is extremely small in comparison to the first. It's home to most of the guilds that occupy the continent. There are five major guilds. The first is Ravens Claw. They're a guild with one goal, make money. They will sell anything from shiny pebbles to highly illegal tech and other various illegal substances. The second is the Silk Hand which is the most prominent thieves guild on Hetona. They take on any job as long as they don't have to murder anyone. They're stolen the crown of the emperor, they've stolen experimental technology from Bosmotos, and some say they've even stolen magical scrolls from Rik' Matuli. The third guild is known as Widowmaker. They're a band of mercenaries that have fought in every major war and battle in Illiquitus. Contrary to popular belief the people from Wyrmenhiem harbor nothing but hatred towards this guild. The reason behind it? They have no code. There is no honor, no need to fight. They fight purely for themselves and nothing else. The fourth guild, Bone Beard, is a band of miners and smiths. They make and sell some of the finest weapons on Hetona, making them known to even the empire. The last guild has no name. They're a wandering group of bounty hunters. If there is a bounty, placed on man or beast, they will come to claim it. They have conditions as to what bounties they can go after in order to avoid another "incident" with Fedonia. Many refer to the bounty hunters as Doves.

There are tales of a man who is one with the desert. The heat doesn't effect him and the monsters dare not to attack him. They say all he owns are the clothes on his back. He's spotted from time to time at oases near the death zones gathering food before vanishing again. People argue whether he's a godlike entity or a wolf in sheep's clothing.
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Nueven Lore and Geography
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