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 Cooldowns, Unlocking, and Leveling.

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PostSubject: Cooldowns, Unlocking, and Leveling.   Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:13 pm

Cooldowns are pretty simple. Say you have a cooldown for an ability that says "Once every two posts."

This means that within a span of two posts, you can use this ability once. So if you use said ability, then you have something happening like below.

Post - Using ability. One post.
Post again - Ability on cooldown, but it's been used for two posts, meaning your next post it can be used again.
Third post - Your "Once every two posts." is up, meaning you can use it again.

This differs from "Two post cooldown." in the way that "Two post cooldown." means you post, then WAIT two posts before you can use it again. So in total that means you have a "Once every three posts." as your cooldown.

You can unlock an ability every third post multiple, skipping post three. You have four abilities, so it goes like this.

Post 1, you have your first ability.

Post 6, you have your second ability.

Post 9, you have your third ability.

Post 12, you have your ult.

For the first three abilities, you can have them in any order. For your ultimate, you MUST wait until post 12.

Abilities level EVERY post, getting a bit stronger in aspects of all effects. Since this forum is heavily based on the skill of the writer, and the way they can get out of nasty situation, there isn't really a huge damage aspect except in the character ratings. More so, we try to keep a more realistic sense of how things would work, whilst wrapping abilities into it.

Every time an ability levels it gets a post/percent boost/boost in general added to ONE effect (writers choice of effect) and a 25% damage boost (including heals, shields, etc.), and at max level on any ability, the use per turn rate is doubled.* Abilities are maxed at level 5.

* Use per turn rate is the calculation of how many times an ability can be used per post. If you have a cooldown of "Once every two posts." then you have a .5 use per turn rate. "Once every three posts." basically means .33 use per turn rate. An easier way to look at it is that "Once every two posts." becomes "Twice every two posts." and "Once every three posts." becomes "Twice every three posts."
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Cooldowns, Unlocking, and Leveling.
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