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 Fighting, Leveling, and Unlocking abilities during the RP

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Fighting, Leveling, and Unlocking abilities during the RP Empty
PostSubject: Fighting, Leveling, and Unlocking abilities during the RP   Fighting, Leveling, and Unlocking abilities during the RP EmptySun Feb 02, 2014 6:23 pm

Now, when you're roleplaying, you have abilities that you need to unlock and level, and that you can use during combat. Whenever you post the use of an ability, it doesn't INSTANTLY work. Whenever an ability is posted, the opposition posts in retaliation, what they would react with. So while you do something, they counteract with doing this, and THEN they post what they do, and you retaliate and so on. There is a lot of room for dodging, juking, and counter-playing.

When you start, you post what ability you start with in Out Of Character (OOC) chat. (Most people use these brackets, and it's pretty helpful.) As you play, each post (up until the post you max all abilities) you say what effect you want to upgrade. Let's take my first champ, Ezoroth, for example. He has an ability that reflects ten percent damage and blocks an ability. Now if post one I start with that, all I have to do is put the juke boots on and think. "Do I want more damage or more blockability?" So post two I'll put in OOC (Brackets for me) that I want one of the two, so I'll either say:

"(10% increase to damage reflection on ability two.)" or "(Two abilities can now be blocked by ability two.)"

However, I can't say both. One upgrade per ability per post, capping at four upgrades (five levels).

Unlocking is the same. On YOUR sixth post, ninth post, and twelfth post, you state in OOC what ability you want to unlock.

For combat, you can easily make a quick spoiler for how much health your champ has by just using the following format...

[spoiler](Champion name) has (amount of health) as of now.[/spoiler]

Just post that at the bottom of each of your posts with updated health. Also you DO NOT regain health in this unless you kill an enemy champion, in which once an enemy champion dies they're dead. If you score a kill, then you get 10% of your health back.
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Fighting, Leveling, and Unlocking abilities during the RP
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