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 Leveling Rules

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Leveling Rules Empty
PostSubject: Leveling Rules   Leveling Rules EmptySun Apr 13, 2014 4:38 pm

1/7th of skill exp = level exp.

Just have fun and make a good story, and you should level pretty well.

All character levels, skill levels, and progress will be shown on your character sheet.

The formula for experience needed on your level is (2l * (l-1) * 300) + (500l). Experience Spreadsheet.

Leveling for skills is (2l * 200) + ((l+1) * (200 + 3l)).

Every level you get 250 health. So your health is your level times 250.

At level 100, you'll have 25,000 HP.

The number of skill slots you start with are three, and every ten levels you get another. At every fiftieth level, you will instead get two more.

Experience Gain splits between skills.

L = Level Quotient
E = Random number between L(50) and L(120).
P = Players in party
In a party
Experience # is ((E1+E2+E3)*(1+(P*.3))) / P
Last hitting in a party grants 25% bonus experience.
Out of party
Experience # is (E * 2.5)

Leveling Rules BraveImmaterialDuiker
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Leveling Rules
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