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PostSubject: Nymphaea   Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:29 pm

Name: Sumavi Nymphaea

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Faunus

Appearance: Nymphaea is a young girl, and her height is short, the small energetic child standing at 4'8" in height. She's relatively light due to her height, as she weighs around 87 pounds, and she has a slender figure. Her hair is long and straight and reaches to the very bottom of her back, her bangs stopping just above her eyes. Her hair is black with a few streaks of yellow dyed throughout, and plenty of shades of blue. Her eyes are a royal blue, with speckles of yellow here and there. Her skin is lightly tanned, and she has freckles along her face due to sun exposure. Her clothing attire consists of very pale, faded grey-blue cargo pants and a thin long-sleeve shirt that is a pale grey-yellow. Both are loose fitting, and to go with this, she has a pair of gloves and a loose fitting jacket that is approximately the same color as her pants, accented by some brighter yellows. She has bandages that wrap the ends of her sleeves and gloves together, along with her pants legs and socks. As for shoes, she wears a pair of boots, another wrapping tied right below the end to keep sand out. To cover her face, she has a pair of sun-goggles and a long pale blue scarf that she wraps around her head and shoulder.

Weapon/Weapon Name: 

  • Vita Vatten (White Water)
  • Blå Blomma (Blue Flower)
  • Blåttvit Näckros (Blue-White Water-Lily)

Semblance: Sacrificial Power - Nymphaea can take aura by being within fifty feet of a person, and in doing so she gains the semblance of the person she is taking aura from temporarily. The more intimate she is with the victims aura, the faster she can take it, and the longer she can use their semblance.
wind tunnel

In quantity terms:

Age 16:

Team: ???

Origins (Place): Vacuo

Music Theme?:

Current Affiliation: Beacon

Backstory: ??????????????


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