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 Wakai's Predicament

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Wakai's Predicament Empty
PostSubject: Wakai's Predicament   Wakai's Predicament EmptyThu Sep 24, 2015 10:28 pm

Kirai stirred in, presumably, a deep slumber when awoken by a loud, thundering sound. Her eyes opened quickly, kakugan full in view and staring directly into the eyes of a human. Another young girl in appearance and expression. Their posture was frightened and desperately recovering from an obviously unbalanced disposition. Wakai, too, must have been fast asleep in the midst of events, her eyes darting around the shadows. They passed over Kirai a multitude of times, the frequency of her movements increasing with time as they suddenly stopped on what looked to be a silhouette of Kirai. Kirai stared back with near perfect vision, her expression that of confusion and, somewhat dubiously, concern. Wakai bounced back and stood up, her head hitting metal and causing pain to sear through her body. Her face contorted slightly, but it was fleeting as she fell back to her knees.

Silence imbued Wakai with unease, but Kirai felt relief as time steadily flowed by. It was continuing until there was another thundering sound, followed by Wakai's scream. Kirai burst into life.

"Wakai! We're moving, now!" she yelled, and Wakai was flooded with relief and joy. Kirai sat up slightly and turned about, her eyes examining the metal walls surrounding and encasing them. They were in a metallic box of sorts, and it wasn't stand-still. It rocked and shook lightly, lurching at every extreme movement caused by whatever was transporting them.

Her eyes squinted accusingly at the floor as a man's voice echoed loudly from the outside.

"Hey, they're awake. What do you want to do with them?" asked the mans voice, a voice one would expect on a burly man. Another voice, expected from an incredulously thin, nasally, and crafty know-it-all. Unfortunately, Kirai couldn't discern anything of value.

"Great. A cliche." she muttered in repugnance, a habit she frequented.

Another voice, clear, charming. Entrancing and familiar, however.

"I know you take pleasure in excruciatingly sadistic notions, but any cause of detriment to the captives will make me rewrite providence if I must. Do I make myself clear?" it said.

"Yes, Uso." said the burly one, a click and the sound of a phone closing. Flip-phone?

Uso? Kirai kept the name in her memory for future references, and for survival purposes. Anyway, it was time to relinquish their captors of their chains, and free Wakai from the box she was imprisoned in. She balled her hand into a fist and slammed her knuckles into the wall, excruciating pain as her knuckles shattered from the force, and she muffled a scream by biting on her lip.

A second later and they were both screaming, Wakai more than Kirai. Agony fluttered through their system as electricity reverberated around the metal box. After what felt like ages, it stopped. Kirai was left breathing heavily as she got her thoughts back together, one word echoing through her mind.

Wakai, Wakai, Wakai.

She dragged herself over, and felt for Wakai, her hand feeling a still twitching Wakai. The electricity must have been many times worse to a human. Kirai kept crawling over, and finally was laying on top of Wakai, her eyes adjusting from the shock and staring into the face of Wakai, her eyes open, her breathing null.


She can't lose her.

"Wakai wake up." she said, shaking her.

"Wakai. Please wake up." she was being rougher now.

Anger, hatred. Her body was shaking in pain and desperation. She leaned in and, after folding the sleeve up, took a bite out of Wakai's arm, eating the flesh as energy flowed through her. Kirai hadn't eaten in a few days for the sake of Wakai, but now that was behind her.

Kirai wasn't there anymore. She was gone.

The box started to expand slowly, and at the exact moment that the burly man had reacted was when a kagune spear pierced through and stabbed straight at his right eye, a clang as it stopped on a thick Quinque. The nasally voice whispered to the burly one, an order?

Kirai didn't know; more-so, she didn't care. The box ripped open as the little girl slithered out of it, her kagune filling whatever vehicle they were in. Three tentacles exploded into action, wrapping around the Quinque quickly. The nasally one laughed as the burly man pulled out his Quinque, and Kirai smiled deviously as her kagune pulled her straight into the Dove, her ukaku kagune bursting into life and firing rapidly at the other man, catching him off guard and piercing him a couple of times, but missing any vital organs.

"You're PATHETIC!" she yelled, her hand sliding against the Quinque her kagune held and her arm shredded against it as she grabbed the man holding it, her hand pulled on the man's arm and ripping it from its socket. At first, he didn't know what to do due to shock, and then he screamed as her Rinkaku used his own Quinque against him, her attention turning toward the man who was in mid swing at her, due to her Ukaku's assault ending, only to find his Quinque held in what looked to be a monstrous hand formed out of a Kagune, wrapped around her arm from around the shoulder area. He went to steal it out of her grasp, but she used the other Quinque and attacked, the man too massive to move out of the way, especially in such a small area. A deafening sound as wind rushed in to compensate the new vacuum. Her ears picked up a barely audible clang as something fell, and she followed it with sight.

It was the phone. Her Kagune slithered around it, lifted it from the ground, and flipped it open. Her eyes scanned for information on Uso. Scroll, read, ignore, repeat.

Finally, she found it. Luckily enough for her, there was all of the information on this man. After having extrapolated all of the necessary information, she returned to her friend.

"Wakai, we need to go." she said, lifting her lightly and holding her close.

She was off to her next destination.
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Wakai's Predicament
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