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 Kou Squared

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PostSubject: Kou Squared   Kou Squared EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 6:10 pm

The bus shook Kou awake as it came to a halt. Her eyes opened after a bit of resistance. She looked out the window and saw that it was her stop. She sloppily shuffled off of the bus. After she got off she heard the bus move by leave a brown cloud in its wake. She didn't know if it was just from the exhaust or the actual sound of the bus. Regardless she began walking down the street to her parents flat.

The building itself wasn't too tall. It was 10 stories and pretty plane looking; making extravagant the wrong word to describe it. It was just average in every sense of the word. The staff was average, the elevator ride up was average, the smell and sounds were average too. For fucks sake it was even built in an average place. She was starting to get reminders why she moved out of the 4th Ward. Still, she was here to see her parents not to be bothered by the area.

She was at their door. She twisted the door knob but it didn't budge. They would be out right now. She sighed and opened the door herself using the key they gave her a while back.

When she swung the door open she was surprised to still see the lights on. With her shoes coming off and a couple of steps into the kitchen she found a note. It was scribbled down quickly. It stated that her mother was out getting ingredients for dinner and that her father was at a local bar with a friend. "I shouldn't be surprised at this point." This happened every three months or so. Usually they were both there and her father would leave before they started eating cause his friend would show up. She didn't really like him though. Since he was her superior he was always spilling information about her progress, or lack there of, in the CCG to her father. "Well I guess I've got some time to waste."

She turned on the tv and lounged on the couch. She ended up falling asleep. Guess it's just one of those drowsy days.

Another dream swallowed her whole. Just like before she was completely aware of the fact that she was dreaming. "I kinda wish it carried over to here." Still she let it play out.


She was on a curved sectional sofa with no armrests. In front of her was coffee table with a small novel on it. "Hey me, you trying to tell me i need to read more or something?" No reply...fiures.

She extended her hand outwards and opened the book.

The boy was much older now and so was the girl. The village still felt uncomfortable around the girl because it was revealed that she was a "demon of the hills." This didn't bother the boy though; not to mention the girl enjoyed his company. Her "brother" was actually a guard her clan had hired to protect her. Her clan had a great power with a terrible drawback. They could summon snakes from their bodies and use them as weapons but in return they were only allowed to eat other humans. Despite knowing this he still visited the girl quite often. She seemed to enjoy this company, and before long they were more than just friends.

The book was ripped out of her hands this time. She could hear the faint voice of her mother.

"If you want me to read stop ripping the book out of my hands you bitch."


The warm voice of her mother was speaking to her as she gently shook Kou's body. There was a lovely scent in the air this time around.

"I already readied the bath so go wash up quickly before dinner yeah?"

With a grunt she rolled off of the couch and waddled her way to the bathroom. The inside was steamy and kinda relaxing. She stripped her layers <insert ogre joke> and got into the bath. It was just the right temperature which made it insanely easy to become drowsy again. Kou decided it would be best to actually clean herself instead of falling asleep in the tub and drowning.

Glub glub glub glub glub glub

After drying off and getting dressed she walked into the dining room and her food was already on the table. She figured that her mother had already eaten by the dishes in the sink. She always ate alone. Something about "The way I chew is weird and makes me look like a mong" whatever the fuck a "mong" meant. Now that she thought about it she had never really seen her mother eat.

What if she's a plant and lives off of the sun?That was one of the few thoughts that filled her head while she ate. It was delicious! It always was. No matter how bad she felt her mothers cooking always manage to make her feel revitalized. It was one of the only things she didn't have to put the special sauce on while also reminding her of older days.

"I'm getting too nostalgic" she muttered to herself.

She finished her food and cleaned her dish and was about to sit on the couch until her phone buzzed in her pocket again. Reluctantly she opened her phone and read the text she'd gotten. It was from her mother. It read "I'm feeling under the weather right now No ...also your father called ahead and won't be coming home until late tonight. You can stay for a while if you want but if not I already put the bottles in a bag near the door. I love you and goodnight~"

Her eyes drooped lower. Of course. I guess i'll leave.

As she gathered he things she punched a number into her phone and lifted it to her ear. It rang a couple of times before a click and a voice slurr answered.


"It's Kou stop acting drunk."

A sigh of relief from the other side came across. "Thank god it's you. Thought you were my friends."

"So we aren't friends now? I'm so hurt. Why are you avoiding your friends anyways."

"Stop prying. Whaddaya want?"

"You're in the park right?"

"Why wouldn't I be."

"I'm coming over."

"WHAT?!Nononnono. You aren't coming over here i'm in the middle of doing something."

"Searching for 'food' can wait. I wana know what's goin on around this ward."

"You're twisting my arm here!"

"I'mma tear it off if I don't get my way."

A long pause from the other side..."Why am I friends with you?"

"Well you're too much of a loser to make other friends and also because fuck you."

"OH! Your words pierce my poor heart madam" his signature sarcastic tone was fronting pretty hard.

"Emphasis on poor."

"Yo, fuck you. You know i'm not doing well."

"Don't set me up for a dunk then." And with that she hung up and left the house.

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PostSubject: Re: Kou Squared   Kou Squared EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 6:11 pm

She just fucking hung up on me...what a cunt.

Another day another day their friendship was tested just by speaking to one each other. The process was always so draining. It was never a "Oh hey let's hang out" or "can I come visit you?" It was always him being the carpet that she walked all over.

I was in a good mood too...

He sighed and slumped onto a park bench. How'd she guess he was there? He's been frequently changing his hunting grounds. Were his targets too predictable? I mean they were all men but there are men everywhere. He usually targeted the more scummy ones but that also wasn't enough. There had to be something he was doing that was showing her why he was where he was. It wasn't that bothersome have HER know where he was but that fact that someone could figure out the same thing. She was CCG after all.

What am I thinking? We're friends not hunter and prey.

This was happening a lot lately. The less they spoke the more he had to reconfirm his own actions. He'd be a fool not to. If he fucked up it her too badly who knows if she would hunt him down. Nothing about the situation between the two made any sense. Most CCG joined because they hated ghouls or had a family member taken by one. But something about Kou's reasoning was shaky. As far as he knew she wasn't under the former nor the latter. Perhaps he didn't know as much about her as he once thought he did.

"Maybe I should just ask her" he said to himself.

"Ask who what" the sound of Kou voice made him jump. How long was she there?

He looked at her before speaking. "Nothing that concerns you. And don't fucking scare me like that! Thought i would die there..."

She sat down next to him and got comfortable. Seemed like she'd be staying a while. He looked at her. She was oddly dressed for being out and about today. A small, minuscule amount of her figure was visible which was very out of the ordinary. Her gaze crossed his. Trying to act like he wasn't looking at her was useless. She already knew which is why she was looking at him.

"What?" Her tone was curious instead of the aggressive one she was sporting over the phone.

"A-Aren't you wearing less than usual?"

She shot a quizzical look at him before examining herself. Her face turned a little red as she noticed he was right. Her relaxed posture on the bench shifted to something more defensive as she re-positioned herself so that her legs were hanging over the edge of the bench. Her back was facing him now and he was able to spot just a bit more of her figure. He always thought she had the body of a plank of wood. No curves, just edges.

"I-I took a bath at my parents place...I forgot my third layer in their bathroom."

"Third layer?"

" third layer."

Why was she so flustered? It's not like letting people see your body shape was something to be ashamed of. Though, she was actually kinda cute like this. It was refreshing to see a side this new.

"You want me to stand behind the bench so you can sit normally?"

"With you back facing mine?"


"...Yes please." Okay this was really interesting. Not only acting like this but also saying please? This day just got ten times better.

"So what did you come 'ere for?"

"Checking to see if you're alive and well. Also, information about what's going on around the place."

Man this fucking eats ass. She's not acting like she was before...I shoulda been an asshole.

"What kind of information?"

"To be frank, anything."

Anything was pretty broad. But hey, wasn't his problem if he provided useless information. No. He shouldn't be thinking like that about a friend. There had to be a reason as to why she was asking in person instead of over the phone.

"Well There have been several hunters around here lately but there hasn't been anything to go off of so no one knows exactly whom is causing trouble. Then A few ghouls have stopped hunting around here completely. My guess is the CCG got them. That's abo-"

She cut him off near the end. Her tone was kinda condescending. "You know, if i really wanted all of this info I coulda just gone to HQ and gotten it."

Fine bitch.

"Something wrong?"

I think she can read minds.

"Well if you wanted rumors you coulda said so earlier. So, apparently there is a shop around here where you get paid a pretty hefty sum if you turn in a Kakuhou. It's causing a frenzy among ghouls who want money." To this she made an odd noise. He stopped speaking but she told him to continue.
"Okaay? Lets see...There have been more investigators around lately; think they're trying to find something out about the "slave ring" but I dunno."

"Anything else?"

He thought back for a bit. "Well this is kinda grasping for straws but a friend told me that he saw a few ghouls move somewhere around Ward 4. It wouldn't be that out of the ordinary if one wasn't unconscious. He said 'she gotta be one of em from the slave ring with 'ow pale she was' but he's an idiot so again I dunno."

"How much do you trust em?"

"About enough to watch my cat but not much else."

"You don't have a cat though."


She sighed. He couldn't tell if it was a relaxing one or a "You just gave me a bunch of stuff I already know" kinda sigh. He leaned back a bit and looked at the sky. It was pretty close to 6pm judging from the suns position.

"It's 7. You should really look at your phone if you want to know the time that badly."

She can definitely read minds

"Also, you should think about moving to ward 20..."


"Why would I do that?"

She took a deep breath before continuing. "The CCG named you the "White Knight" because you've been hunting 'thugs' around here. They haven't launched an investigation for you yet but I'd rather not risk it."

Another long pause, longer than any other pause in the conversation.

"You know I can't just pick up and leave. I don't have a place or a job in that Ward."

"I know you can't. That's why I pulled some strings and got you a temp job at a convenience store on the way over there."

"I can't live in a store."

"I'm working on it."

"Working on it? The fuck does that mean?"

"How about you calm the fuck down. You're the dumbass who got yourself into this mess and I'm trying to pull you out of it. Now, as I was saying I'm waiting on a reply from a friend. IF that doesn't work out you'll crash at my place till you can get a better spot figured out."

She was right. Lately he had been slaughtering instead of hunting. I need to stop pressing and calm down. She was doing what she could and that's all that he could really ask. If she did get caught trying to help him it'd raise eyebrows if the CCG did find him. She was quite literally sticking her neck out for him.

"Alright, am I just leaving my stuff here or?"

She got up and straightened her clothes before she answered. "Go pack your stuff up. I'm dropping by my parents again to grab my shit and grab a rental."


"We're even."

Even? He was up on her before this? The hell did he do to have her owe him? He opened his mouth slightly but she began walking away.

"H-Hey" he called out.

She stopped in her tracks and turned towards him. "What?"

"You should wear less more often..." His face was burning at this point. The fuck am I doing.

She just looked at him and said with a blank face. "Are you fucking crazy?"


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PostSubject: Re: Kou Squared   Kou Squared EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 6:11 pm

He waited for her to leave his line of sight before leaving to his place.

When he arrived there were a couple new things in the area. Unfamiliar scents were apparent but this was pretty common for this area. However, what wasn't very common was the smell of raw meat and human food. I guess some prefer to keep practicing blending. There was also a weird scent, of what he thought a miner would smell like, scattered around the place. It was odd to be sure but he had larger things to worry about. He went into his building, which was adjacent to the three story building the oddities were emitting from, and entered his apartment. The packing process would probably take around 2-5 hours at most. Thank God I don't have as much stuff as I used to.

A couple of hours had passed. He had finished packing a while ago so where was she? He'd been lounging around his place for a good while now. Maybe the place was kinda packed. No, it shouldn't have been packed around this time of day. Just as he was thinking this he heard his door open and Kou made her presence known. "Sorry, my boss called me up and had me do some things. Load your shit up while I take another call..."

Business again?

This was pretty common on her days off. Her boss always contacted her to do things for him because he knew she wouldn't really turn him down. He always seemed to take the air out of the room with his flat, monotone voice and resting "bitch face" which often led people to believe he was an unhappy person.

Kou was standing beside the SUV while he loaded things up. Something about her tone was bothering him. It was a drastically different than before. Not only that but she was also wearing her CCG trench coat thingy. In the very back of his mind he was on high alert. If there was a time to take him out now would be an acceptable time.

She wouldn't do that would she?

He noticed while moving the rest of his things into the car that there were boxes with the smell of blood about them. Everything about the situation was fishy. However, he was damned if he did, damned if he didn't so he just kept following the flow of the situation.

He climbed into the passenger seat and once Kou noticed she got into the drivers seat. Before long they were off. Fatigue was slowly enveloping Kou's eyes. Guess underachievers can work hard too.

"If you keep staring at me like that I might have to file a restraining order."

"You know, most people try to not kill others with words."

"That's cause 'most people' eat ass."

"I don't think most people eat ass. They'd prolly think that's repulsive."

"I might actually strangle you."

"Can you not?"

He expected a reply but didn't get anything back. He glanced back at her and she had one hand supporting her head.

Was she trying to remember again?

She, for some reason, couldn't remember anything from when she was 1 all the way till freshmen year. She seemed to still remember who she was friends with and where she had lived but that's the extent of it. He was going to bring it up but now wasn't the time.

Her phone started to ring again. She answered and reciprocated with "mhmmm" and "mmmm." She seemed kinda annoyed when she hung up. "You're gonna be staying at my place for a while." She thought for a couple of moments before continuing. "Don't worry about rent just clean up after yourself and save up for a place. If shit goes down at that job I might be able to get you another one."

"Alright then."

They pulled up to a stoplight now. She took her hands off of the wheel once they were at a full stop and ran her fingers through her hair. "I also shouldn't have to say it but if you do any hunting around my ward I'll kill you."

"More mean words."

"You mean promises."

Another glance and he knew she was serious.

She'd do that wouldn't she?

A small growl came from her stomach as they began to move again. She looked like a distressed child. "I'm so hungry..."
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