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 Kiyoshi's Quest

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PostSubject: Kiyoshi's Quest   Kiyoshi's Quest EmptySat Aug 22, 2015 5:53 pm

Kiyoshi looked down at the paper in his hands, reading off the ingredients that were written in a very soft, swirly hand writing that seemed almost a bit messy for someone who wouldn't know the person who wrote it. Kiyoshi's mother never had much of a need to write frequently, so when she did it was almost on the side that someone couldn't read because she added so much decoration to it. Kiyoshi smiled at the writing and listed down all the food stuff he would have to go out and get for his family to eat. He normally was the one who went out and got the food, so this route was his normal one. A comfortable, familiar one. He sighed happily and stuffed the paper in his pockets, along with his hands, and looked forward at the people in front of him.

Wait, is that-?

A few people, who all had someone to walk with or were on their phone, obscured the view of a familiar hairstyle, jacket, skirt and socks combo, but he managed to catch a glimpse after walking around the people, though. He inhaled sharply and chuckled under his breath. Speeding up his pace a bit, Kiyoshi darted forward, and slammed his hands down on the girl's shoulders in an attempt to shock her. "Ah! Narimi!" He cheered, moving forward and sliding one arm off, wrapping the other one around her shoulders. She was pretty short compared to him, but he hadn't minded much to adjust so that he could do this pose. "I'm surprised you're out walking this early! What're you doing, hm?" He asked, his eyes wide with excitement to see his friend.

Narimi slowly turned her gaze up, staring Kiyoshi in the eyes, bringing him a bit of worry. "I'm walking." She said, in her usual dull tone.

Hah, glad she's still the usual boring Narimi. She's so serious sometimes. He held back a chuckle, feeling like he could easily predict her next move. This was probably just a side affect from knowing her for so long, though. He didn't have the nerve to mock her either, though.

"It sounded like you knew. Plus, you are doing the same as I am." Narimi looked forward again, then turned her gaze to his hand. She must've been upset about him touching her so suddenly, because she lifted his hand and moved it off from her shoulder. A bit upsetting, really. After he had taken on a pose so difficult, not really, just to be close to her? Ouch.

He couldn't just leave his hands idle, though, so he moved his opposite hand to the back of his neck and chuckled weakly. He supposed it was a stupid mistake to make, but he didn't consider she would move his hand away. "That's... not what I meant. Y'know, I meant, like, where are y' going?" Kiyoshi glanced forward, crowds of people walking by the two of them. He couldn't really help but to wave, they all just seemed so friendly. Plus, who knew, waving to someone might just make their day. That would be a plus.

"I don't know. I just enjoy walking."

"Oh." Kiyoshi mumbled, feeling a bit odd. When was the last time she really walked, though? Maybe it's just one of her hobbies? He pressed down his thoughts and looked to his feet, wondering what he could do to possibly get her to be less of a bore. Then, it came to his mind pretty quickly, the one thing that cheered him up pretty fast. "Well, Nari," His tone brightened up again. "If you aren't going anywhere, would you like to go get lunch, on me? I know it's a bit sudden but, if you don't know." He looked back to her, smiling as sweetly as he could to persuade her.

Narimi gently shook her head. "No, I'm not hungry. If you want to eat, I can follow you. I don't mind watching you eat." What had made this creepy statement even more haunting was her cold stare suddenly meeting his eyes. Ech. She could've easily been a kid from a horror movie to him, with her long dark hair and very dark brown eyes. The only thing not ghost-like about her was her sense of fashion, which lead her to wear clothes that could be labeled cute. "Sometimes it is weird when you drink, though." Too bad her clothes didn't make what she said any less strange.

Does that mean she stares at me when I'm eating and drinking? His smile slowly started to lower into a frown, and he put his hands in his pockets. The thought was a little disturbing. "O-oh?" He shook his head slightly, deciding it was probably best to just forget she had ever said that. "Hah, well, alright."

They walked in silence until they got to a restaurant-like place. It wasn't really fancy enough to be a restaurant, and it wasn't big enough, but it had the good food that a restaurant would have.

Kiyoshi pulled the door open, and a smell bell at the top of the door chimed gently. Narimi's eyes gazed up at the bell, and a quiet "how nice" could barely be heard from her. He smiled at her interest in the bell, and lead her over to a window table. Kiyoshi sat down and Narimi sat across from him, but she didn't really look his way too frequently. She was more allured by the various people on the outside, and by the conversation he could barely hear about someone breaking up or divorcing with another? He didn't care much to listen to it, though. It wasn't his business.

Not wanting to dwell, or stare, on Narimi for too long, Kiyoshi picked up the laminated paper menu and looked through his options. He wasn't really a big fan of fish, or soups, however one thing did look incredibly appetizing. He sighed at the idea of getting it, and with his usual drink of tea (( that isn't liption because liption is shit and Kiyoshi is too good for it )), and lowered his menu. I wonder what she's always thinkin' about. Looking at Narimi for a while, he noticed her glare was on somebody. He looked over at them, and then back to Narimi and frowned. "Nari?"


She didn't bother to look back to him, so he leaned forward to gently tap her hand to get her attention. When he did, she moved away, again. Double ouch. It did get her attention, though, so it worked either way.

"Staring isn't very polite."


Kiyoshi sighed happily, moving his hands off from the table and into his lap to be as polite as possible. He didn't want to be marked as a hypocrite, so he would have to take the lead for her sake. In just the right timing, a waitress had stepped over to their table and got ready to write down their orders. Narimi had looked up at her with interest, then to Kiyoshi.

He nodded and started to point on the menu. "I'll take a hot cup of tea and a burger, too, please?" Kiyoshi's cheerful tone stayed even when ordering food. "No lettuce or tomatoes, and I'd like it to-go, too." He looked through the menu again, then looked up at Narimi. The waitress also looked to her way. "Nari? What would you like?" 

She simply blinked slowly and gave a simple answer. "I'm a vegetarian."

Kiyoshi tilted his head slightly, and the waitress raised a brow. "Narimi, they have salads here. You can have one of those, right?" He gave a feint smile, waiting for her to actually order something.

"I meant to say I'm a vegan." Narimi quickly turned her head and looked out of the window, avoiding anymore contact with the two.

Kiyoshi gave a skeptical glare. "Do you know what a vegan is?" The waitress raised a brow, as if she wanted to ask the same question. 

"Of course I know what a vegan is, I'm a vegan." Narimi scowled at him. She looked down to her hands for a quick second, and then back up to the waitress. "That's when a person doesn't eat at all."

A sudden flood of disappointment came between the waitress and Kiyoshi.

"I guess that's all, then. Thank you very much." He said, faking a smile to the waitress and waited for her to fully walk away before turning back to Narimi and talking. His brows gave him a sad appearance, but his smile made it a lot more different. Its almost as if the two expressions didn't mix with each other very well. "That's not what a vegan is, Nari."

"Are you sure?"

Kiyoshi sighed quietly. "Vegans can eat, they just can't eat or use animal products."


Kiyoshi rested his elbow on the table, then his head on his hand and looked outside the window. Both of them began looking outside, watching crowds of people move around. "Do you even listen in school?" He whispered under his breath. Wouldn't that be basic knowledge, though? I've known what vegans are for years.

"Sometimes," Narimi said. "Though the teachers don't always know what they are teaching and teach outdated facts. They mess up frequently, so I am not learning anything really. I just go so that I can do something." She kept her eyes locked on the outside world.

Kiyoshi frowned. "There must be a real reason why you go. You can keep yourself busy doing other things, so you must enjoy something."

"I enjoy watching adults fail at what they are supposed to be good at." She said, her voice cold like a rock. "Seeing a teacher fail is funny. They are shocked, but they try not to show it. I see their mistake, though." Kiyoshi would've expected a laugh to come from her, but since she didn't really show much emotion anyways he could only shake his head a bit.

"You might want to be careful about how much you laugh at your teachers, you don't wan-" He looked over, the waitress came back with a small box and a cup of hot water. She put both gently on the table and looked at Kiyoshi, waiting for him to pay. His eyes looked over the burger when he opened the box, his mouth already watering. He turned to the waitress and handed her the money. "Thank you!" His voice went from serious to loud and happy again.

Kiyoshi took a styrofoam cup and poured some of the hot water into the cup, taking a tea bag and some sugar and putting them in the cup, too. He lifted the cup to his mouth and smelled in the tea, a very sweet smell to take in. It was very nice.

The waitress scoffed and gave a half-hearted "You're welcome, come again." Narimi's gaze moved from the window and to the waitress, her expressionless stare enough to haunt someone if they had noticed her staring. Once the waitress was out of her sight, Narimi's focus moved to Kiyoshi, who was already standing up and getting ready to go.

"I'm going to go home. It was nice seeing you, Nari!" He chuckled, then gasped with joy. "Wait! Maybe I could walk you home, or even better-- You could come visit! I bet my parents miss you so much! Come on, Narimi!" He went to grab for her hand to take her with him, but she calmly shook her head before he came too close.

Narimi looked up to Kiyoshi with heavy eyelids, as her eyes usual state of relaxation. "I will go home myself. I'm going to stay back for a while." She stood up, too, waiting for Kiyoshi to leave so that she could stall for a few minutes. He sighed, and gave a sad wave to her as he walked out the door.

That Narimi, He sighed. Try to do nice things for her and invite her over and all she wants to do is be alone. He put his hands in his pockets, forgetting the paper he had in his hands earlier today, and when he pulled it back out he chuckled a bit. "I forgot I had to go get this stuff."
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Kiyoshi's Quest
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