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 Kirai's Resurgence

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PostSubject: Kirai's Resurgence   Kirai's Resurgence EmptyThu Jul 02, 2015 2:35 pm

“Oh, so you’re the one they call Shitenshi? Such a lovely angel, if I do say so myself.” Said a voice from the back of the dark alleyway, a man hidden in shadows and cloak. Kirai didn’t make a sound, she just walked forward in her bright white clothing, and her eyes peered through the mask she wore. The man turned to her, and she froze at the sight she saw, her eyes unable to concentrate on the face. Kirai stood confused, shocked. Her eyes caught onto the Kakugan: the single, lone Kakugan that was trying to hide behind the hood. The surprise affected her face as her eyes widened, her mouth opening.

“That’s impossible.” She said out loud, and the man smiled, though she couldn’t tell. She was too busy staring at his eye.

”It’s hard for me to control this eye, but I’ve been practicing! Soon it’ll be fine. Anyway, you’re so small, I’d say you are a child, yes?” he walked over and took her mask off, but she reacted quickly afterward, regaining her senses.

She didn’t speak, her face was to the ground; She would have to kill this man if he saw her face. He spoke softly, however, and handed the mask back.

”I can’t hurt a kid, especially one so young.” He turned his head away, anger filling his face, and he started to walk away. Kirai sniffed the air, her nose smelling human flesh, and blood. Her mouth started to drool, and she looked over at the dead bodies, two men with briefcases...


She started to walk over, her hunger overwhelming, and she heard the frightened yelp of a girl, the dizzying pull of sudden darkness, and a sudden brightness overflowing as she opened her eyes.

It’s been the same dream for the past two years.

Same dream of that man she met with one human eye, one ghoul eye.

She got up quickly and looked around, the building she slept on empty. Something must be going on right now. Her body got up on it’s on accord as she looked over the side, her eyes catching onto two ghouls cornering a young girl, maybe twelve in age. These ghouls looked as though they hadn’t eaten in weeks, but they also seemed as though the thought of eating this child was repulsive.

Shitenshi wouldn’t help them, but Kirai, sadly, would. She watched in anger at what she was about to do, and she felt her body run to a different side of the building and pull herself over the ledge, the two men now with their kagune out. Instantly she dragged herself around the corner and ran to the two men, sliding to the side and then kicking up off the ground, her fist colliding into the mans jaw and knocking him out cold. The other man looked at her in confusion as she quickly decked him in the stomach after landing, her punch weakened so that she wouldn’t completely give away who she was. She turned and grabbed the girl’s hand, pulling her away, the human smell causing her mouth to water. She must have come from the 7th Ward, the edge being about four blocks out. They ran for a bit before coming in contact with another human, a little ways into the 7th Ward.

The human smell was overpowering at this point, and she smiled at the girl.

”That was close, you should be more careful.” She said, her tone light, her mind heavy. She hated being nice, but that’s the only way she could survive in this cursed world. Suddenly, it hit her that she was staring at this girl with her kakugan, and her mouth fell open slightly. With force, her eyes went to normal, but it started nagging the back of her head as she did so. And then another smell appeared, a rather familiar smell.

”Hello, children.” Said a voice she recognized, one that had visited the 18th ward once.

A dove that had killed three ghouls with ease, she watched through the eyes of Shitenshi.

”Hello sir!” she managed, and the other girl was too confused and scared to speak, unable to figure out her left from her right. They both turned to the man who was holding a briefcase, his eyes searching them with interest.

”Hello, little one. It’s dangerous around here, where did you come from?” he asked, and she smiled and pointed behind him to the city he just came from, the human city.

”We came from that way! We were playing a game just now and wanted to see how far we could go that way," she stopped to point behind her, "before we found somebody, but we didn’t get very far! We got scared and kind of ran.”

Good, the girl is too scared to talk and ruin things.

Hopefully the fool in front of them would buy it.

”She seems to have seen a lot more than a person.” He says suspiciously, and Kirai felt her insides crush from the want to kill them both, but she couldn’t. Who knows who could be watching? After all, Kirai was a good girl.

Kirai’s really not.

”Huh? I dunno, I was too busy running to notice anything. Did you see something?” the girl she was talking to snapped her attention to the two of them, shaking her head without thought. She had blacked out most of everything after the kagune appeared, to Kirai’s luck. Then her mouth formed a word, not to Kirai’s luck.

”Ghouls.” She said, and Kirai acted surprised at the word. Just great, she had to get her thoughts collected. Kirai was scared, and she was supposed to be scared at the sound of that word, so she showed it.

He bought it.

”You two should get going, I’ll… Make sure everything is okay.” He quickly moved in the direction they came from, and after while Kirai let out a sigh: she was safe.

Wait, the other human. She looked over at her, and then raised an eyebrow at her bewildered face.

”You’re a ghoul, aren’t you?” she asked in less than a whisper, her face pale. Kirai looked at the Dove, he was well out of hearing range by now. She wouldn’t be able to use her kagune, but she needed to rid herself of this girl’s life. Her eyes reverted to their kakuganic state, and nothing she did could stop them. The girl was staring at her eyes, half scared half mesmerized.

”Thank you.”

Kirai lowered her brow, and then raised it again, confused as to what to do. She wanted to kill her, she’d love to kill her, but she can’t make a scene right there.

”What’s your name?”


Kirai stood there for a minute, her mind fighting with itself. At last, she grinned and, because her body reacted first, gave her a hug.

”So, what now?” she asked, pulling out of the hug. Wakai thought for a second, looking at her eye and then back at the city she lived in. She couldn’t bring her there, they’d know in an instant.

”We’ll find somewhere where you can stay until night, then you can go back.” The girl said, smiling back at her. Kirai’s face lit up lightly with surprise: A human deciding to help her? That’s new. Well, why not? She nodded, and they made their way down the alley way, her ears picking up the slightest sounds…

She wouldn’t be sleeping tonight. If she did, she’d kill Wakai in her sleep.

Eh, wouldn’t be a bad idea, actually.
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Kirai's Resurgence
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