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 Akiko Murasuki - Kage (NPC)

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Akiko Murasuki - Kage (NPC) Empty
PostSubject: Akiko Murasuki - Kage (NPC)   Akiko Murasuki - Kage (NPC) EmptyThu Jun 25, 2015 9:32 pm

Name: Akiko Murasuki (Kage)
Age: 47
Gender: M
Appearance: Akiko is an aged man that stands tall, about 6'4" in height. He has a muscular build, and he has extremely steady movements from his amount of practice with art. His clothing is very informal as he is usually wearing an apron that has paint all over it, a long-sleeve white shirt that looks as though it were also a canvas, and dark jeans that cover his bare feet. His eyes are always in Kakugan form, so he tends to not deal with customers himself, and whenever he leaves he is always wearing sunglasses. His hair is greying, but some of the original black hair can be seen amongst the greys. His skin is very pale, most likely from his lack of leaving the building.
Personality: TBD
Ward: 20th
Species: Ghoul
Kagune Type (G.): Bikaku
Kagune Description (G): TBD
Rank (G.): SSS
Mask (G.): TBD
Bio: TBD

Akiko Murasuki - Kage (NPC) BraveImmaterialDuiker
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Akiko Murasuki - Kage (NPC)
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