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 Kiyoshi Nakata

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PostSubject: Kiyoshi Nakata   Kiyoshi Nakata EmptyThu Jun 25, 2015 2:21 pm

Name: Kiyoshi Nakata

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kiyoshi is 178 CM ( 5'10" ), and 125 LBS. He is unusually light-weighted, and seems very unhealthy, but he claims to "just fine in his body". Kiyoshi has beige color hair with soft, wavy hairstyle that goes down to the top of his neck and curls in at his jaw. His bangs aren't well cut, and are swiped to the side but occasionally fall in his face. His eyes are sterling grey, are big and are commonly wide open. This gives him a very cheerful look, which fits his personality rather well. His skin tone is mildly tanned, and he has no moles or scars, but the bridge of his nose is decorated with freckles. Clothing wise, Kiyoshi isn't the most fashionable. He leans towards messy color coordination and tends to mismatch his outfits, like mixing stripes and spots. His common outfit is a long sleeved, black and grey sweater; which he rolls the sleeves up to his elbows. With the sweater, he wears long khaki shorts.

Personality: Kiyoshi isn't one to drag other people down. He has a bright and outgoing persoanlity, which may seem overbearing at first glance. He tries to stay as cheery as possible, even in the most damned of situations. This over done amount of happiness makes him seem incredibly fake, though. Sometimes it can also be hard to tell if he is being genuine or being very passive. Another down side to his joy is that he never was abled to fully grasp the concept of act your own age, and has always acted much more like a child than what would be expected of him. The childish side of him brings out even more to this persona, adding in being a constant complainer and being in constant wonderer.

Ward: 12

Species: Human
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Kiyoshi Nakata
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