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 Fumetsu Kirai

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PostSubject: Fumetsu Kirai   Fumetsu Kirai EmptyThu Jun 25, 2015 3:20 am

Name: Fumetsu Kirai - Shitenshi
Age: 9
Gender: F
Appearance: Kirai has a dark complexion and long, jet black hair. She wears black pants, frayed, and a long-sleeve black shirt that is also frayed. Her hair is just below her shoulder blade and is jet black, straight, and messy at the ends. Indecisive on how to wear her hair leads her to short lengths of brushing, and thus giving her a slightly feral look. Her Kakugan are almost always in a half-activation, the sclera white but the iris red, only being normal (the iris instead being black) whenever she encounters a human. Her control over her Kakugan is advanced enough to where she can control them in even the most dire of situations, having trained herself under starvation. Masked Appearance TBD.
Personality: Kirai has a facade whenever she is traveling without her mask on, her youth as her main weapon. She acts childish and oblivious even though she usually does this to stake out the area. Though dangerous, Ghouls in the 18th Ward don't attack children, and instead take care of them as though they were there own. Unless the child is human, in which they either kidnap and sell them, eat them on the spot, or escort them out of the district. Whenever she has her mask on, she attacks indiscriminately and without hesitation, her goal to kill and devour everything in her path. When it comes to eating other ghouls, she prefers to eat the Kakuhou over everything else, finding it as a delicacy.
Ward: 18th
Species: Ghoul
Kagune Type (G.): Rinkaku/Ukaku
Kagune Description (G): TBD
Rank (G.): B
Mask (G.): TBD
Bio: TBD

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Fumetsu Kirai
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