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 Narimi Ajibana

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PostSubject: Narimi Ajibana   Narimi Ajibana EmptyWed Jun 24, 2015 2:45 pm

Name: Narimi Ajibana

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Narimi is a rather average sized girl; standing to be 165 CM ( 5'5" ) and weights about 120 LBS. Her hair is black, and is very long, flat, and choppy. She has straight bangs that part slightly on the right. Narimi's eyes are a deep brown and are constantly at a dull state, seemingly staring off into space without paying much attention to her surroundings. Her skin is fair and light and she has no markings like moles, freckles or scars. Narimi's casual outfit is just a long, tan jacket that goes down to her hips, and shows a little bit of the white, long sleeved and collared shirt she wears underneath of it. She wears a black skirt with this outfit, and knee-high white tube socks with black stripes on the top. The only other outfit she likes to wear is her school uniform, which also has a pair of long socks. She's a fan of tall socks. When she is out hunting, Narimi likes to wear long, flowing white dresses that cover her entire body, from the tips of her fingers, to the very bottom of her feet. However, she only wears these when she plans to hunt and more often than not doesn't get a chance to really wear the planned outfit.

Personality: Narimi is a dull lass. She doesn't like talking much, unless it is for business plans, and she doesn't really do much either. Social wise, she's also a bit aloof and will avoid talking to others or hanging out with them in general. There isn't much to her personality, honestly. She doesn't show emotion quickly, and hardly reacts to anything unless it deals with people she's closer with, or if it hurts her. While she wouldn't show it, though, Narimi has a wide range of interests that she likes to keep to herself. One of these is fashion, or really just clothes in general and not so much fashion. She also likes the arts, and finds paintings to be quite beautiful no matter what.

Ward: 12

Species: Ghoul

Kagune Type (G.): Koukaku / Ukaku

Kagune Description (G.): Narimi's kagune are a rusty dark red, and are spiraled. Her ukaku can be wrapped around her arms and used as light weapons, allowing her to move quickly but not do too much aggressive damage. Her koukaku are much larger, and slows her down, and is used as a defensive tool or to hold off enemies.

Rank (G.): C

Mask (G.): Narimi's mask is plain and white with no special design or pattern on it. It covers the entire right side of her face, and has a piece over her eye. The holes for her eyes to see out of are sort of slanted down, giving it a very cat-eye like appearance. When she's wearing her mask and she is eating a corpse, she lifts it over her face and rests it on the top of her head, since part of her mouth is blocked. This can be problematic as it slows her down from being able to move away quickly and keep her identity safe at the same time.
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Narimi Ajibana
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