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 ??? - Dominus (NPC WIP)

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??? - Dominus (NPC WIP) Empty
PostSubject: ??? - Dominus (NPC WIP)   ??? - Dominus (NPC WIP) EmptyWed Jun 24, 2015 6:00 am

Name: ??? (Dominus)
Age: ???
Gender: ???
Appearance: Dominus wears a hooded cloak, the cloak brown, that covers the entire body, and hides the mask.
Personality: TBD
Ward: 4th
Species: Ghoul
Kagune Type (G.): Koukaku
Kagune Description (G): Dominus First Sighting: A large Koukaku that surrounds the right arm in a zigzag formation, layering twice. Whenever encountered in close range, Dominus appears to completely disregard defense and instead have two thick, sharp "arms" to use in accordance with what seems to be two short swords. Rated as Class B.
Dominus Second Sighting: Four Koukaku that are used as a giant shield, and what appears to be two more Koukaku that propel Dominus around. Whenever Dominus comes into close range with the enemy, the Koukaku becomes paper thing and doubles in length, becoming very angular instead of smooth. The Koukaku bounces around as they cut through anything in their path. Weakness found that at hand-to-hand combat range, Dominus has to put the Koukaku away. Dominus is now rated Class A.
Dominus Third Sighting: Four Koukaku that are short, yet condensed heavily. They are flat and layer as a shield around Dominus, strong enough to hold off a Rinkaku Kagune for several minutes. When used offensively, the Kagune is used with brunt force, crushing its desired target. Dominus appears to stay still as it does this, and Dominus also shows excessive control over the Kagune with being able to make sharp angles at rapid rates. Destroying one Koukaku arm appears to not affect Dominus as they apparently have many Kakuhou. Dominus is now rated as Class S.

Rank (G.): SS
Mask (G.):
Bio: ???

??? - Dominus (NPC WIP) BraveImmaterialDuiker
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??? - Dominus (NPC WIP)
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