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PostSubject: Kie   Kie EmptyTue Jun 23, 2015 11:56 pm

Name: Kie

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kie is a slender, feminine young woman that stands at a height of 5'6". She's pretty underweight for someone of her height, though it doesn't appear to take much of a toll on her strength. Her skin is notably white due to the lack of sunlight she receives below ground (or, as previously discovered, because of the fact she is an albino) and is usually cold to the touch. Her hair is short and a silver-blonde color. It is parted far to the right and cut jaggedly to create a layered look, the longest pieces touching the back of her neck in the back and the middle of her cheeks on the sides of her face. Kie's eyes are large and always in the kakuganic state, the color beneath them a mystery to all except those who met her as a child (those few are dead). Her upper eyelids tend to droop slightly, giving her a bored or stoic look. Her eyelashes are long and the same color as her hair, and her lips are surprisingly red in saturation.
Kie currently wears a big black sweater over a pair of red leggings.

Ward: 4

Species: Ghoul

Kagune Type: Rinkaku and Koukaku (click for a central idea for their appearances)

Rank: C

Kagune Description:
           Rinkaku: Kie can currently summon 2 (previously 2-4) bright red rinkaku from her lower back. Each rinkaku is flexible in length and agility and covered in small, sharp, triangular scales that make it look snake-like. The tendrils are rather thick. At the end of each rinkaku is an easily manipulated scythe-like tool that can hinge itself to create a wider cut (like a traditional scythe) or to move against the body of the rinkaku to cut by means of pressure and sharpness (sort of like a large paper cutter or pincers/wirecutters). The scythes are a little longer in length than her torso.
           Koukaku: Kie summons 2 koukaku that are a bright red on the inside and a dark, dull purple on the outside. They are on the flatter side but have a thickness to them, the edges rounded. It has been noted that she can adjust the thickness of her koukaku to serve different purposes. When flattened, they become ribbon-like and the koukaku is able to cover a good portion of her body when stacked together to make a great shield. Then, she can make them very thick and use the koukakus to knock enemies away with great force or crush them. However, since the koukaku is harder to move quickly and she already has a strong rinkaku, she rarely uses the koukaku offensively and mostly uses it to ensure her survival*. Her koukaku are very long, the red inside very smooth and squishy and the purple outside rough and hard.


Mask: TBD
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