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PostSubject: Dhadaeryn   Dhadaeryn EmptySun Mar 15, 2015 2:59 pm

Name: Dhadaeryn (Dah-day-ren)

Birthplace: Fedonia

Gender: M

Age: 14

Appearance: Dhadaeryn is short for his age, approximately 57" tall. He is thin, frail, and pale from his lack of leaving to go outside. His eyes are a dark shade of blue and his hair is a dark shadow of brown. He typically wears clothes that range from sophisticated to laid-back. Though he is fussed at for his attire, he tends to not care as he manages to stray away from being seen often.

Personality: Calm, analytical, and confident. Dhadaeryn spends most of his time playing games, and from this he became known as the Prince of Games. He plays games of all kinds, mostly strategy based, and plays for more than just fun. Out of his entire time playing, he has lost only twice, and both times were to the Fedonian Army General. He tends to get cocky, but only to upset his opponent. Though he doesn't talk to many people, he isn't shy or quiet, just unconcerned. Dhadaeryn knows when to pick his fights, and what challenges he is willing to take.

Bio: Dhadaeryn was born with a bright future ahead of him, though he showed signs of lackluster care for it at a young age, and by the age of six his title and future was given to his younger brother, Raiden, who was at the time nearing his fifth birthday. Dhadaeryn, though unable to excel in many things, was intelligent and strategic at a young age, and so he, with a lot of help from the Fedonian Army General, spent most of his time playing a variety of strategy games, card games, puzzle games, and games of intelligence. By the age of 10, while his Brother was named Prince of Fedonia, he was known as the Prince of Games.

The king was not pleased. Had it not been for the General, Dhadaeryn would have been in more trouble than he got away with. In turn, Dhadaeryn had to attend many different matters of royal and noble stature, and had to help his brother. He didn't mind until four years later, when his father decided that he needed a position higher up. Dhadaeryn fought with him about it, yet he never yielded. Dhadaeryn, however, made one mistake and insulted him. He looked to his son and gave a heavy sigh.

"Listen, Dhadaeryn. Prince of Games is not something to be proud of, you're a member of the royal family, so act like it! You... Need to learn discipline, to learn how the world actually works."


"You are to be stripped of everything that ties you to the royal family, and you are to travel the continent. You must bring me one thing from each of the countries that symbolizes that one country, or you may never return and call this place home. You must also bring change to each continent in some way, whether it be a small change or a big change. If you can do this, I will accept your way of life." he then looked to the General. "You shall go with him, if you choose, but if he never completes his task, or you die before he completes it, you will be known as a traitor, and an exile, for the rest of Fedonian times."

"No." Dhadaeryn said. "I shall go alone."

He left wearing his clothing that were equivalent to that of a worker's, and sulked in the sector of Nobility.

Strengths: Analytical, smart, and hard to deceive or control. Can easily get under peoples skin and throw of their concentration

Weaknesses: Physically weak, wants things his way.

Fears: Physical activities.

Other: He's an Exiled Prince.

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