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PostSubject: Names   Names EmptySun Mar 15, 2015 11:56 am

Need help with names? Well, here's a nifty name generating site. All you have to do is go to the site, go to "Advanced Interface," and in "Name Generation Template" you have to put a string of characters. The string for different regions and/or races are below.

Dwarven/Frundonmir: v<Cv|cvC|vC|vvC>

Fae/Rik' Matuli: <svCs> or v<cvC|Cv|cV|CVC|cvc>cv

Nueven: <Bsv|vCs>

Basmotos: BVcs or s<c|VC|(ley)>

Wyrmenhiem: sVC or BvCs

New Age Fedonian: (b|c|d|f|g|l|m|n|r|s|t|v|w|)(h|||||||||)(ae|ai|ea|ie)(g|n|r|s|l|d)v(n|r|n|r|n|r|)

Old Age Fedonian: sV or cvCv

Names BraveImmaterialDuiker
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