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Eliana Revinder
[ Eeli-ana // Re-vin-der ]

Rik' Matuli



Eliana is very feminine in a sense of her looks. The outfit she commonly wears is a bit skimpy, seeing as its just a black bathing suit and tall black boots that go to her knees, it does accentuate her womanly figure and gives her a bit more sense of pride. However, to avoid revealing too much, Eliana will also have a faded red cloak at handy by her side at most times. She'll wear this when its cold, or when she feels like she needs to. Eliana has light red hair, that nearly looks pink, set up in two pony tails on the side of her head. Her hair is commonly curled in loose spirals, and she keeps her bangs tucked away by pins. Her eyes are a soft pale green, almost like a jade colour. She doesn't really wear any eye make-up, aside from just lengthening them. In addition, to her light eyes, light hair and light make-up, Eliana has fair, light skin. Almost pale, she isn't too fond of the sun and prefers to go out during night. Eliana is 170 CM and 132 LBS.

Eliana has two sets of personalities, really. The first one, being a barrier and a facade; makes her look fearful and in distress. She'll commonly try to get help from anybody and is clearly dependant on the help of others. Not wanting to be alone, she'll cling to anybody, even a stranger. She will constantly stay on alarm and always look concerned for other people. She's rather good at playing her facade, giving her real life personality a great manipulation skill. In reality, Eliana is actually quite bitter and harsh. She's a thief, and she's a bit proud to share that with people. She doesn't lack confidence and isn't afraid to say anything in anybodies face. Not necisarrily a good person, Eliana can also be very frank with others and will commonly put their name down a peg. However, she is far from passive-aggressive and will easily say what she said behind your back directly to you.

At a young age, Eliana's mother had left her and her father. She hadn't known where, and she didn't really care why. She had looked forward to her father no matter what and commonly followed in his footsteps. When times were harsh on her father and her, he had resorted to being a petty thief just to get some money so that the two could live happily. Seeing this, a young Eliana started to take from the market and saw nothing wrong with it. Her father never chastised her for it, so she just laughed it off and became just as much as a thief that he was. As Eliana started to get older, and her father continued to steal, she would help him in the case of being a distraction. Wearing very skimpy clothing, she would flirt without much care or meaning while her father stole and took anything he could grab. This gave Eliana a sense of carelessness with her own body. As Eliana was old enough to live her life on her own, she rarely ever looked for her Father's advice anymore. However, one day, she had heard a report that he had been killed. Devistated, Eliana took to murder and higher classes of stealing. She also became a much better manipulator. Now, she has high skills in stealing, manipulation and other things. When she had turned 18, after her father had passed, Eliana was tired of living in Rik' Matuli. When a port opened to go to the mainland, she had jumped aboard and road a ship to Frundonmir. Now she just roams, still stealing and still doing whatever she'd like.

Manipulation, Stealing, Agility.

Fighting, Irrational, Stubborn, Violent.

Afraid of Heights.
Others to be discovered.

She's a fae, if I hadn't made that too clear. Yeah.
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