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 Mura Hiromi - Otani

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PostSubject: Mura Hiromi - Otani   Mura Hiromi - Otani EmptySat Mar 07, 2015 6:04 pm

Real Name: Mura Hiromi
Username: Otani
Gender: Female

(( IRL )) Mura is an average height, average weight, and over-all average girl. Nothing of her is particularly interesting, seeing how she has brown hair and brown eyes, however she does dress to the nines in large, long dresses and bows. Her sense of fashion is clearly frillish and girly. Mura, to bring exact numbers in, is 164 CM tall and weighs 124 LBS, again, making her fairly average and dull. She has a soft, pale skin with little to no markings on it, with the exception of her few freckles on the bridge of her nose. Her hair is rather long, being 60 CM in length, however this is hidden since she normally wears her hair up in a ribbon to give herself a more feminine look.

(( BETA )) Mura looks very similar to her real-life self in game, in fact, she nearly looks exactly the same. However, her hair is much longer and a few hues of brown lighter, and her eyes are green instead of brown. She's also much shorter, going from 164 CM and dropping down to 155 CM. She does stay the same weight, though, and it does give her a much "cuter" look, if you will.
Age: 16 / 17
Starting Equipment: One-Handed Dagger (( ??? ))
Personality: Mura is rather girly and feint-hearted. Not known for her brutish strength, or her great wits, but simply for being argumenitive and headstrong. She doesn't care much for other's opinions and never really has, she just simply ignores what others have to say to push her own ideas further. With this, she also has a tendency to be rather bothersome and more of a problem then help. She isn't aggressive about anything, though, and will just simply verbally attack others until they side with her. Mura is also fond of playing the damsel card, too, formerly being able to constantly cry and get anybody to help, however she has struggled with this in this world. She also throws fits some times, especially when people ignore her or don't side with her. With all that being said, Mura is more of a brat with high intelligence, but little to no actual strength who can just be a bother.
Individual Strengths: Light-Hearted, Logical, Fairly Smart, Good at Sewing/Cooking/"Woman's Work"
Individual Weaknesses: Stubborn, Conceited, Bad at Fighting/Hunting, Complains
Fears: Being Alone, The Dark, Not being Paid Attention to
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Mura Hiromi - Otani
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