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A forum for me and my friends to write on.
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PostSubject: Sinthia   Sinthia EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 1:35 am

Name: Sinthia
Gender: F
Appearance: Sinthia is a young girl with a slightly shorter than average height for her age. She weighs slightly less than others, and is nimble with a quick footing. Her skin is mixed in color, and her hair is long and a messy mixture of black and blonde that constantly fades together in places. Her shinigami robes are constantly in disarray, especially around her shoeless feet. Her eyes are heterochromic, one eye is a light blue and the other a dark crimson.
Age: Physically 13, actually 19.
Personality: Sinthia is an energetic girl with a taste for blood-lust. Anybody that gets in here way is an enemy, and even her 'friends' are typically something that she attacks. Given this, and her young age, she was almost pulled into a situation that would have condemned her to Seireitei law, but with a couple of compromises she found her way out of it.
Bio: N/A.
Other: Don't get in her way Very Happy
Shikai Link: N/A
Bankai Link: N/A

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