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 Emily Anna McKinley - Lyliana (NPC)

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Emily Anna McKinley - Lyliana (NPC) Empty
PostSubject: Emily Anna McKinley - Lyliana (NPC)   Emily Anna McKinley - Lyliana (NPC) EmptySat Aug 02, 2014 11:17 pm

Real Name: Emily Anna McKinley
Username: Lyliana
Gender: F
Appearance: She has pale white skin, which makes the freckles on her face very visible.. Her height is between Triste Winter's and Sinthia's, and her hair length is half it, wavy, and is a deep red. Her eyes are a light, light green, and a scar runs down the length of the left side of her face. She wears a black shirt with blue design along it, and matching black pants, but without a design.
Starting Equipment: N/A
Personality: Stuck-up, cocky, yet understanding. She typically is looked at as the spoiled girl, but she makes up for it with her combat prowess. Though she tends to come off as a rude and ignorant teen, she has a way with caring for people, only looking to kill those that take advantage of others.
Bio: N/A
Individual Strengths: Fencing practice for six years, martial arts practice for eight years, and the practice of various sword-styles for four years. She also has three years of experience with guns.
Individual Weaknesses: She beta-tested, but this is her first game, ever. She's also used to fighting people, and so the monsters and creatures catch her off-guard from time to time.
Fears: Spiders, wasps, and insects in general, but not as much as spiders and wasps. D:
Average Run-speed: 5.2
Other: She tends to find herself unable to kill somebody unless she feels there is a legitimate reason, and usually the only reason she can find is when somebody tries to take advantage of another person, may it be in any way or form.
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Emily Anna McKinley - Lyliana (NPC)
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