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 Evaluating Threads

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PostSubject: Evaluating Threads   Evaluating Threads EmptyFri Apr 18, 2014 5:23 pm

When evaluating threads, the person doing the evaluation must look at a few things. First, they must look at how well they did as an overall writer of the thread. (Punctuation, flow, story, character progression, character personality, etc etc etc) When you come to your decision, you decide about how much experience they will get for it as a base (all of their skills will get this experience too, not just the level.) So say a level one does an amazing job in a thread, and on a scale of one to ten, you say their writing abilities were about 6. You'll then give them an amount of experience that seems fair for the area they're in, the skill of writing, and the level that they are. On average you'll get a small amount of experience. Next, the evaluator looks at how they did in each of the skills that the character has chosen, and on a scale of one to ten, rates them. They give each skill an appropriate experience gauge, and then distributes it. You will also gain experience in you base level if you gain experience in your skills. Add all of the bonus EXP to skills together, then average them out, example below.

Players has three skills, and get 159 experience in one of them, 87 experience in another of them, and 225 experience in the last. The evaluator adds these up (471) and divides by three (157), they then add that to your level experience. After that, you will gain the rest of your EXP from game aspects (killing monsters, completing quests, and other things).

One last thing, item drops are rewarded AFTER you complete your thread by the thread evaluator, not DURING the thread. You can request an item, and it may be given to you, but it's very dependent. (To request an item, place it under the thread that you want evaluated.)
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Evaluating Threads
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