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 Champion Sheet

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PostSubject: Champion Sheet   Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:26 pm

To submit a champion for use in RP, use the character sheet given below, and post a topic under this forum titled with the Name of your champ, a dash, the title of your champ, another dash, and the type of champ. So if I have a champ named "Ezoroth" with the title of "Admin" that is a "Tank" type champ, it'd be Ezoroth - The Admin - Tank

[b]Bio:[/b] (Isn't completely necessary, but your champion will be given a bio (or get a revised bio) at some point, even if you don't fill this out. TL;DR = Optional.)
[b]Defense Rating:[/b] (1-10)
[b]Magic Damage Rating:[/b]  (1-10)
[b]Physical Damage Rating:[/b]  (1-10)
[b]Health: (Between 450 and 550. Whatever is left will be added to you basic attack damage. So picking 450 means your normal attacks do about 100 damage. Do not add this to your damage yourself, that's for staff. CHOOSE WISELY!)[/b]
[b]Damage: (Between 10 and 50. Whatever is left over will be added to your damage defenses.)[/b]
[b]Damage Reductions(Magic/Physical):[/b] (Leave this alone.)
[b]Champion Types:[/b] (Support, Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Fighter)
[spoiler="Passive: (Name)"][spoiler]
[spoiler="Ability One: (Name)"][b]Effects:[/b]
[b]Damage:[/b] (If any)[/spoiler]
[spoiler="Ability Two: (Name)"][b]Effects:[/b]
[b]Damage:[/b] (If any)[/spoiler]
[spoiler="Ability Three: (Name)"][b]Effects:[/b]
[b]Damage:[/b] (If any)[/spoiler]
[spoiler="Ultimate: (Name)"][b]Effects:[/b]
[b]Damage:[/b] (If any)[/spoiler]
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Champion Sheet
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